Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is based on the following rule: simple, clear and transparent.

Set aside the calculator, there will be no complicated calculations and hidden commissions. 

  • For each attracted user you will receive profit of 15% of the amount of his deposit;
  • You will receive reward within 30 days from the date your partner deposits funds;
  • If the partner has withdrawn the deposit, accruals will cease, but if the partner has withdrawn only a part of the deposit, your further accruals will be paid already from the amount remaining on his account.


Today your partner invested 1 BTC, and you started receiving daily accruals from this amount. But if he decides to withdraw a part of the deposit tomorrow, say 0.5 BTC, then you will receive reward already from the amount of 0.5 BTC from tomorrow.

Such conditions are as flexible as possible and allow any of our clients to get decent additional income.